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Planned Giving Program Tip

How many times have you heard of many times have you heard of someone who sells their business or retires from their lifetime work only to pass away shortly after.


Lack of focus… direction? Maybe. I think it’s lack of valuable work. The “fire” dies… then so do they. Giving back is the perfect way to transition and create tremendous focus after your “life’s work” has stopped. Why not find your 2nd second life’s work? [Read more…]

Planned Giving Program Tip

Have you lost someone you love before you had the chance to tell them something you always wanted to say to them? A chance to honor them with your words. Of course you have… we all have.

Here’s a thought… write a letter to that someone you missed the chance with – a Tribute Letter. Share it with others who knew them as a way to honor the person.

Take a moment right now and write a Tribute Letter to someone you can still honor with your words – a family member, friend or colleague. Is there a donor you can honor with a Tribute Letter for their dedication to you and your organization?

As you know, creating a memorial fund is a wonderful way to honor others, as well. Not just for your lifetime, but for many generations. A memorial fund also keeps the work or cause that they cared about deeply going long after you’re gone. [Read more…]

Planned Giving Program Tip

Open door to fieldsThe Founder and CEO of The Donor Motivation Program, Scott Keffer, and his daughter, Anni, spent ten days in northern Africa with a team of 50 plastic surgeons, dentists, optometrists, nurses, and plain folk like you and me.

The surgeons healed. The dentists fixed. The nurses assisted. The optometrists brought sight. And they helped.

It was the second time Scott had been to Africa. Three years earlier, he and his son, Josh, went there with a team to teach English to poor students hoping to learn it as a second or third language to help them advance or become more attractive to the limited employment opportunities.

One day, driving by an older man and his children on the side of the road, he reflected, “You know, we could just as easily have been born here than in the United States… the land of opportunity.”

[Read more…]

Young Girl Gets The Best Day Of Her Life

Every night is a struggle for 10-year-old Katelyn Duvall, who suffers from a colon disability, but she recently received a beautiful gift, the “best day of her life” with the help of another young girl. Click here to view a video of this great story.

Motivate Generosity, LLC launches new website

Motivate Generosity, LLC has recently launched a new website designed to motivate and inspire people to be generous to the causes and people that matter, without causing regrets.

The firm has selected Get Noticed Get Found, a leading internet marketing company, to manage the site, which will include a blog featuring timely news, videos and even a way for users to track their generosity.

”Motivate Generosity, LLC is making its website as a part of its overall service to clients, with updated information and resources that promote generosity. We are upping our online presence to better provide information about our goal, which is to motivate and inspire people to be generous.  We are excited to offer this service to our community and look forward to further establishing ourselves as a fixture in the community.” said Barry H. Spencer, founder of Motivate Generosity, LLC.

Motivate Generosity, LLC has a goal of motivating a billion dollars in generosity. Visit their website today and tell your stories of generosity.