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Motivate Generosity, LLC launches new website

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Motivate Generosity, LLC has recently launched a new website designed to motivate and inspire people to be generous to the causes and people that matter, without causing regrets.

The firm has selected Get Noticed Get Found, a leading internet marketing company, to manage the site, which will include a blog featuring timely news, videos and even a way for users to track their generosity.

”Motivate Generosity, LLC is making its website as a part of its overall service to clients, with updated information and resources that promote generosity. We are upping our online presence to better provide information about our goal, which is to motivate and inspire people to be generous.  We are excited to offer this service to our community and look forward to further establishing ourselves as a fixture in the community.” said Barry H. Spencer, founder of Motivate Generosity, LLC.

Motivate Generosity, LLC has a goal of motivating a billion dollars in generosity. Visit their website today and tell your stories of generosity.

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Barry Spencer is the creator of Wealth With No Regrets. Barry’s triumph is in helping wealthy families remove the regrets wealth creates through his proprietary process, Wealth With No Regrets, which brings together all of the client's advisors in a comprehensive, cooperative relationship to obtain better estate planning and financial planning results for the client and their family.Barry Spencer's Google+ Profile

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