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Open door to fieldsThe Founder and CEO of The Donor Motivation Program, Scott Keffer, and his daughter, Anni, spent ten days in northern Africa with a team of 50 plastic surgeons, dentists, optometrists, nurses, and plain folk like you and me.

The surgeons healed. The dentists fixed. The nurses assisted. The optometrists brought sight. And they helped.

It was the second time Scott had been to Africa. Three years earlier, he and his son, Josh, went there with a team to teach English to poor students hoping to learn it as a second or third language to help them advance or become more attractive to the limited employment opportunities.

One day, driving by an older man and his children on the side of the road, he reflected, “You know, we could just as easily have been born here than in the United States… the land of opportunity.”

You don’t have to leave the good ole’ US of A or Canada, either.

Just roam around this country and you’ll realize that opportunity, although harder to create for some than others, is not equally distributed.

Find someone and open a door for them… give them the gift of opportunity.


“Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.”

–       Colin Powell

Taken and adapted from Giving Transforms YOU! © 2012

Scott Keffer and The Donor Motivation Program™

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