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Let’s Motivate a Billion Dollars in Generosity

Even small donations--of money, time, or experience--have the capability of making a huge impact.

But for many, the path to generosity is blocked with a variety of obstacles: questions about why, when, and how they can be generous. As a result, regrets happen.

At Motivate Generosity, our goal is to motivate and inspire you to be generous to the causes and people you care about. We know you have questions about the best way to make a positive impact, which is why we’ve decided to provide a variety of helpful information and resources.

We want you to take action—just one step at a time! Be generous by doing what you want to do: giving to the organizations and people that you deeply care about.

Feel free to browse our resources and join the Motivate Generosity community. Sign up for our newsletter and our Planned Giving Tips email. Download our Special Report to learn the five reasons why you should be generous. Use our resources to realize your goals for generosity—without regrets.

Check back often, as we will constantly be updating these important resources. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.