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Planned Giving


Disconnected Donors into Raving Fans and Bigger Givers.


Be the Charity of Choice for New and Existing Donors



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Cost Effective

Double results with minimal investment of time and money. Guaranteed.

Proven Results

Over 17 years serving over 80 charities across North America, generating over $750 million in immediate and planned gifts.

What You Can Expect

  • Increase in current giving
  • Major donors give more without writing another check
  • Discover large gifts from existing donor base
  • Re-energize disconnected donors
  • Establish the organization as a donor-centric resource.
  • Maintain consistent visibility with donors and community
  • Demonstrate long-term stability
  • Increase legacy gifts among donors

Planned Giving Works – Delivering short-term and long-term results for the organization and benefiting donors in ways they want.

The Donor Motivation Program™ can help by delivering a cost-effective, 17-year proven system that is simple to start and keep going.

No new staff person needed. Implements alongside all other donor-related activities already happening.

The Donor Motivation Program™ Includes:

Barry Spencer, Jack Miller, and Scott Keffer

Jack Miller (left), 35 year nonprofit industry veteran and first user of The Donor Motivation Program™; Barry Spencer (center) champion of planned giving and founder of Donor Motivation Georgia; Scott Keffer (right) creator of The Donor Motivation Program™

» Complete Planned Giving System in a box. Simple and fast to start

» Donor Invitation System

Speak the language of donors so they respond to invitations

» Donor Language Staff Training

Learn the language of donors with scripts when writing or speaking to donors

» Four Donor Motivation Presentations

Educational, engaging and enlightening, hosted by a nonprofit organization and presented by generous donor, Barry H. Spencer

» Program Strategy Session

From day one the development team receives personalized guidance from the entire Donor Motivation Georgia team

» Ongoing Live Personal Support

At every step there are scheduled meetings and calls to get maximum results

» Maximum Results Measured

One goal: Start more conversations that lead to more dollars for causes that are making a difference

When you intentionally and proactively:

» Become the charity of choice

» Engage donors about their concerns

» Position as a trusted resource of valuable information

» Communicate from the donor point of view

You and your organization receive the benefit of their charitable dollars through current contributions, planned gifts, and long-term giving.

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