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Have You Ever Received One Of These

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A very dear friend of mine told me the heart-warming… and life-changing… story of her early days when she couldn’t afford to buy books, so she would visit the library to learn.

After a couple of weeks of her visiting the library regularly, a book “showed up” in brown paper wrapping. Like a kid on Christmas, she gingerly removed the wrapping (she had to be hush-hush in the library) only to find one of the most powerful gifts you can give: a book!

Each week brought more gifts. Gifts that changed her life. Today, she carries on the tradition… changing the lives of others.

Andrew Carnegie had a vision for free libraries, because he believed in public access to education.

You don’t have to be a Carnegie to give back education.

I give away books all the time. One of my Ten Growth Principles is this: have mentors and coaches. Have them in your car and in your home. How? Through books, CDs, and video.

Today, give back a special book that’s had an impact on you. Help a library meet its goal… or help build a new one.

Give back the gift of education; it will change someone’s life forever.

And it will change yours!    

“I am dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education.”

George Lucas
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